In early December, SECO’s Operations crews will be conducting a conversion related to the Tavares and Waterman substations that will affect nearly 6,000 members over a three-day period.  The conversion upgrades voltage from 7,200 volts to 14,400 volts. After the upgrade, the system will operate more efficiently, have the capacity to handle the growing load in these areas and provide redundancy.


The conversion will occur over Dec 5 through Dec 7 with sections of the system affected at different timeframes.  The planned outages should be less than four hours.  Member letter notifications mail this week and are sectioned by date and AM/PM.  Automated phone calls will begin this week.  Communications with large commercial accounts and Florida Hospital Waterman are being handled by Key Accounts and Energy Services.


To see if your home or business will experience an outage during the conversion, input your service address.  It will zoom to street level – use the “minus” button to zoom out. If the pinpoint appears within a shaded area, check the legend to determine which date and timeframe your outage will occur.  Outage windows are planned for less than four hours each. For current outages or to report a new outage, visit Storm Center.