Cooperative Rewards – the Smart Thermostat Pilot Project

Cooperative Rewards – the Smart Thermostat Pilot Project

SECO Energy is a participant in a new smart thermostat pilot project called Cooperative Rewards. This pilot is hosted by our wholesale power provider, Seminole Electric Cooperative. In fact, all nine of Seminole’s distribution cooperatives are participants in Cooperative Rewards and will each have a very limited number of actual members enrolled in the small pilot.


Who is eligible to apply? The thermostat vendors are handling this part of the pilot. Members who have purchased certain brands of WiFi thermostats may be contacted by the thermostat vendor with an email offer to apply to participate in the pilot. The member can then apply through SECO will be notified of member interest and determine possible eligibility.


Cooperative Rewards will explore the benefits of utilizing programmable WiFi-enabled smart thermostat technology for demand side management. The goal of the pilot is to gauge the projected reduction in Seminole’s peak demand and calculate the projected savings to all of Seminole’s distribution cooperatives.


Cooperative Rewards will officially kickoff this month and continue through May 2019. The pilot allows participating members to earn up to $80 in bill credits for allowing Seminole to adjust their qualified WiFi programmable thermostat up or down 2-4 degrees during Seminole’s peak demand periods. Adjustments in the summer will raise the thermostat. Winter adjustments will lower it.


Participating members will receive a $40 bill credit at the beginning of the program and an additional $40 bill credit at completion of the pilot. As an added incentive, members who remain through the end will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $250 gift card.


Members eligible for participation in Cooperative Rewards must have a newer model (less than 7 years old) ecobee, NestHoneywellLux, Radio Thermostat or Emerson Sensi thermostat. The vendors have identified thermostats meeting the criteria and will begin marketing to those members next week to solicit participation in our program. Interested members will be referred to the enrollment portal at Cooperative-Rewards. Frequently asked questions are located via Seminole’s website.


Members who are contacted by their thermostat provider will be required to first apply for the pilot. If the thermostat type required for the pilot is confirmed, the members will be referred to SECO’s Energy Services personnel for further screening. A minimum of (30) SECO members and a maximum of (200) will be allowed to participate in Cooperative Rewards. Member inquiries should be directed to email Energy Services.

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