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Your Info Edit
Service Address:
Account Number:
Phone Number:
Email Address:

Your Home Edit
Home Type:
Square Feet:
Foundation Type:
Floor Insulation:
Attic Insulation:
Attic Insulation Type:
Year Built:
Number of Residents:
Number of Windows:
Type of Windows:
Tint or Reflective Film on Windows:
Type of Doors: No doors
Weatherstripping Condition:

Heating System Edit
Primary Heating System:
Year Heating Unit Installed:
Type of Heating Thermostat:
Auxillary or Emergency Heat Mode:
Occupied Heating Temperatue:
Unoccupied Heating Temperatue:

Cooling System Edit
Primary Cooling System:
Year Cooling Unit Installed:
Type of Cooling Thermostat:
Occupied Cooling Temperatue:
Unoccupied Cooling Temperatue:
Number of Portable Fans:
Number of Ceiling Fans:
How Often Do You Run Fans:
Other Fans: No other fans

Water Heating System Edit
Water Heating System:
Water Heater Age:
Water Heater Timer:

Other Appliances Edit
Refrigerators Inside:
Refrigerators Garage & Other:
Weekly Loads of Laundry:
Wash Water Temperature:
Pool/Hot Tub: