Members Re-elect District 2 Trustee Dillard Boyatt

Members Re-elect District 2 Trustee Dillard Boyatt

On Thursday, February 2, members voted to re-elect Dillard Boyatt to represent District 2 on SECO Energy’s Board of Trustees. Boyatt has been a SECO member since 1978 and has served on the Board since 1990.


As a not-for-profit electric cooperative, SECO members vote for the person they choose to represent the members in a particular district and to make governance decisions that serve the best interests of the members at large. SECO’s Board of Trustees are members themselves and provide governance and financial oversight to the cooperative.


Almost 200 members arrived at the Sumter County School Board to cast their vote for the representative of their choice. Both Boyatt and Bushnell resident Phillip Longo had submitted their letter of intent in January and expressed a willingness to serve.


Boyatt wishes to thank his community for their continued support. Boyatt stated, “I am proud to be a loyal Sumter County resident for 58 years and equally as proud to continue my service as a SECO Trustee. I am happy to see many positive changes for SECO members during my tenure on SECO’s Board. As a former SECO employee and long-time Trustee, watching the cooperative grow from a small operation to a nationally recognized model of customer satisfaction is especially gratifying.”


CEO Jim Duncan stated, “We had a large turn-out for SECO’s District 2 Meeting and I would like to thank the community for joining us. Our members continue to prove that the cooperative business model is alive and well, and that SECO member-owners enjoy their ability to vote for their District’s Trustee. The Board’s industry knowledge and oversight is invaluable and I look forward to working with them to continue SECO’s success.”


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