Contact us if a resident on your premises requires electric service to maintain life. Your account will be coded as “critical,” making our service technicians aware of the medical need in outage situations. Documentation from a licensed physician will be required to support the medical need – you can scan and email, fax or mail it to us. Please note this status does not remove the responsibility to pay for services that have been provided to you.


Unexpected outages (due to weather, animals on the lines, etc.) mean that we can’t guarantee continuous electric service, even for members with critical care status. If you cannot sustain any outages, please make arrangements for a backup power source. Utilities always recommend that individuals who are dependent on essential medical equipment have some sort of back-up power supply just in case there is an outage. This is a good idea for any other type of equipment that you feel is critical and, in your opinion, must never be without power. If you have, or plan on purchasing, a generator please be aware of the fact that it must be used safely. Any equipment you wish to operate off the generator should be plugged directly into the generator. Never tie your generator into your home’s electric system. If you do, and there is a power outage, you could cause an electrical back feed that could kill, or seriously injure, SECO personnel working to repair the lines and restore power in your neighborhood. Learn more about generator safety.