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SECO Energy strives to provide world-class reliability to 200,000+ homes and businesses in its service territory. Unexpected outages due to weather, vehicle accidents, equipment issues, trees or animal contact with lines, etc. means that SECO cannot guarantee 100 percent uninterrupted power.


Contact us if a resident on your premises requires electric service to maintain life. Your account will be coded as “critical,” making our service technicians aware of the medical need in outage situations. Documentation from a licensed physician will be required to support the medical need – you can scan and email, fax or mail it to us. Please note this status does not remove the responsibility to pay for services that have been provided to you.


During emergency restoration efforts with widespread damage, SECO’s first responsibility is to restore service for shelters, hospitals, schools and government agencies (i.e., county emergency ops centers, fire stations and law enforcement facilities). Residential members’ accounts coded as having medically necessary service are not the first priority.


Therefore, these members should take extra precautions during storm season and anticipate the possibility of an extended outage that could last for days. SECO recommends evacuating to an area outside a storm’s probable track, purchasing and installing a generator or relocating to a designated shelter in your county.


If you choose to purchase and install a generator, please be aware that it must be used safely. Any equipment you wish to operate off the generator should be plugged directly into the generator. Never tie your generator into your home’s electric system. If you do, and there is a power outage, you could cause an electrical backfeed that could kill, or seriously injure, SECO personnel working to repair the lines and restore power in your neighborhood. Learn more about generator safety.


A link to each of our seven counties’ Emergency Operations Center (EOC) websites and phone numbers is available below. Visit your county EOC website to sign up for county specific emergency alerts and notifications. The county EOC websites offer shelter information, hurricane preparedness tips and more.


Create a plan today to keep you and your family safe in the event of an emergency.


Citrus County EOC Phone: (352) 527-2106 and (352) 746-5470


Hernando County EOC Phone: (352) 754-4083 and (352) 754-4111


Lake County EOC Phone: (352) 343-9420


Levy County EOC Phone (352) 486-5213


Marion County EOC Phone: (352) 369-8100


Pasco County EOC Phone: (727) 847-8137


Sumter County EOC Phone: (352) 689-4400