Keep it Clear – We Work Here

SECO Energy is committed to a safe working environment for all its employees. Members often place obstructions such as plants, fences, shrubbery, animals and other lawn items that block SECO personnel’s access to SECO equipment such as transformers, poles and meters.


For the safety SECO Energy employees, keep the area surrounding underground transformers clear. Obstructions too close to SECO equipment are a safety hazard to employees and create longer restoration times.


  • Keep fences, plants, shrubs and other obstructions at least 10 feet away from the front of the transformer where the lock is located.
  • Do not place a fence or bushes within three feet of the rear and sides of the transformer.


Do not block access to SECO Energy’s metering equipment. Obstructions blocking access such as locked gates or animals, or items that obscure the meter impede SECO personnel’s ability to obtain an accurate meter reading. Without an accurate reading, a member’s bill will be estimated.


  • Remove or trim shrubs, plants and trees to allow visibility and safe access to SECO’s meter.
  • Relocate fences or animals and unlock or open gates.


Failure to comply is a violation of SECO Energy’s Terms and Conditions of Service. Continued non-compliance will ultimately result in service disconnection.

Keep It Clear diagram showing amount of space from the transformer or switch that needs to be of obstructions. Minimum of 10' in the front and 3' around the sides and back.