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SECO Energy’s service area is divided into nine geographic Districts. Each District is entitled to one Trustee to represent it in Cooperative affairs on the Board. Every year, three District Meetings are held to elect Trustees. In 2021, SECO will hold meetings/elections in Districts 7, 8 and 9. Drive thru voting is encouraged at each meeting to limit possible COVID exposure. For cooperatives that continue to hold District Meetings, Florida statute requires that members must physically attend a District Meeting to cast a vote for a Trustee candidate.


Find meeting dates/locations in the links below.


The Official Notice for the District 7 Meeting was mailed on December 23.
The Official Notice for the District 8 Meeting was mailed on January 7.
The Official Notice for the District 9 Meeting was mailed on January 8.

Review your District Notice for candidacy information and for dates when candidate profiles will post below.  Not sure what District your service address falls in?  Use our interactive map to determine this by entering the address in the color-coded map below.


Joseph E. Kusiak

1. What are your qualifications to serve on the SECO Energy Board of Trustees?

I am a retired attorney with 34 years military experience in the Army and Air Force, hold a bachelor’s degree in Math from American International College, a master’s degree in Counseling from Westfield State University, and a Juris Doctor Degree in Law from New England School of Law.

2. How long have you been a SECO member and what do you know about the cooperative business model?

I have been a SECO member since moving from Bronson, Florida in 2002. SECO is a not-for-profit electric cooperative operated for and owned by its members. I have served on the SECO Board of Trustees since October 2018 and through continuing education have completed requirements for the Credentialed Director Certification and the Board Leadership Certificate.

3. In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge the energy industry will face over the next ten years?

There are many challenges, but high on the list are challenges like electric vehicles causing a great increase in customer (co-op member) usage, contrasting with co-op member homes that are increasingly energy efficient. There are also increasing demands to put electric lines underground.

4. J.D. Power ranked SECO highest in customer satisfaction in 2015, 2016 and 2017. As a Trustee, how would you ensure continued high satisfaction?

The SECO Board meets monthly to monitor the financial status of the co-op while providing fiduciary oversight and participating in policy decisions that serve the best interests of members by working to improve reliability, maintain strong financial results and encourage continuous facility improvements.


Candidate profiles will be published on January 29, 2021

Candidate profiles will be published on January 30, 2021

District Map

SECO’s service territory is divided into nine Districts.  Each District has a member-elected Trustee.  Use our interactive map to determine this by entering your service address in the color-coded map below.