Solar Power

10-Step Interconnect Process

Ten-Step Process

1. Research: Learn all you can about solar systems and investigate potential contractors. Take as long as you need to become an educated solar consumer and plan the journey.
2. Solar Assessment: Decide if solar is right for you by requesting a free solar assessment and home energy audit from SECO Energy.
3. Select a Contractor: Obtain quotes from at least three contractors who are licensed and insured. Read reviews, ask for recommendations and visit the contractors’ Facebook pages and websites. Dependent upon you and the contractor’s availability, allow five to seven days per contractor. Learn more about selecting a contractor.
4. Interconnection Agreement: Initiate SECO Energy’s Interconnection Agreement process.  Members or contractors can complete this first step. Note that several documents are required.  Allow three days or longer if needed for you and/or your contractor to complete the requirements.
5. Obtain Permit: Permitting is normally the responsibility of the contractor. Each county or city determines its processes for completion. Allow five days for permitting.
6. Installation: Dependent upon contractor availability. Solar systems equal to or less than 15 kW should take no longer than a week. Allow seven days for installation.
7. City/County Inspection: Local county/city officials require a final inspection after installation. Allow five days for this inspection.
8. Document and Photo Upload/Approval: Contractor or member uploads all required documents and system photos. Allow three to five business days for a qualified SECO employee to approve documents and photos after upload.
9. Meter installation: Before turning on your system, SECO must install a bi-directional/net meter to capture the amount of excess energy produced by the system for member credit. Allow two days for SECO to install this special meter.
10. Ready. Set. Go!: Turn “on” your new solar system!