Invest in Surge Protection for Appliances

Power surges are sudden, powerful increases in voltage which can damage or destroy household appliances and electronic devices such as televisions, computers, cordless telephones and more. Surges can be caused by birds, small animals, falling trees, or vehicles crashing into power poles, but the most obvious is lightning. Whatever the cause of a surge, the results can be devastating. That’s why SECO offers meter-based surge protection to help members prevent unnecessary financial loss, as it protects large appliances by reducing surges at the meter before they enter the home.  But the meter-base arrestor is just the first step.  Members need to purchase point-of-use devices to protect electronics and devices.


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SECO Energy Surge Protection Arrester Ring


A meter base surge arrester is installed behind the electric meter to help prevent high voltage spikes and surges from entering your home and sending voltage into your large appliances. Electronics must be protected from inside the home and because each member’s needs will be a little different, it is the member’s responsibility to purchase “point of use” devices. All sensitive electronic devices must be plugged into these devices for maximum protection. Point of use devices can be purchased at local home improvement or hardware stores at reasonable prices. Protection strength and warranties vary so be sure to read the packaging.


Installation of surge protection does not require an appointment. As a courtesy, SECO’s certified electrician will knock on the door to advise that the power will be off for a few minutes during installation. Even if no one is home, the installation can and will be completed.



SECO‘s surge protection arrester at the meter can be leased for $5.95 per month plus tax, with a $25.00 installation fee or you may opt to purchase for $349.00 plus tax with installation included. For residential services greater than 200 amps, surge protection is available “for purchase only” at a cost of $399.00 plus tax with installation included. Read the full Rate Tariff here.

SECO Energy Surge Protection Arrester Ring


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