Clean Energy Scam Targeting SECO Members

Clean Energy Scam Targeting SECO Members

SECO Energy is warning members that scammers have cooked up another ploy to take money from members. SECO members report they are receiving phone calls and email solicitations that SECO Energy is no longer their energy provider.


One such company, Arcadia Power, currently advertises that its “Evergreen Plan” is available to SECO Energy customers. The company’s website states that “you will continue to pay your SECO Energy bill as normal, while receiving a separate Arcadia Power e-bill for your fixed clean energy charges.” Please be aware that SECO does not receive energy from Arcadia Power nor does it partner with the company in any way. The idea of paying Arcadia Power money over and above your regular monthly SECO Energy bill is nonsense. If you want to enroll in a green energy program, consider enrolling in SECO Energy’s Solar Life.

 You can live the Solar Life with SECO Energy

Living the “Solar Life” requires no upfront investment in panels, no roof holes, no insurance and no maintenance costs. No need to worry about HOA or zoning restrictions, and no need to cut trees to allow a rooftop solar system to produce at full capacity. Subscriptions in the “Solar Life” program carry no cancellation fee and no minimum term. Learn more and enroll today.


Other companies may claim to be “clean energy” providers that have replaced SECO. This is not the case. These companies may ask SECO members to send SECO bill payments directly to them, instead of SECO. Unfortunately, members realize there is a problem when they receive notice from SECO that their electric bill is unpaid.


Be aware that any company claiming to be a new electric service provider instead of SECO is a scam. These scammers may call and harass members for immediate payment over the phone and threaten them with disconnection of service. Some scammers have been even been so bold as to demand a member meet them at an off-site location and pay cash.


Scammers may be trying to dupe consumers from other utility companies as well. Please share this important information with friends, family and neighbors.


Kathryn Gloria, Vice President of Corporate Communications and Energy Services, stated, “SECO is a not-for-profit electric cooperative that has provided electricity to homes and businesses in Central Florida since 1938. SECO is a solid, fiscally responsible and well managed cooperative that is here to stay. If you receive a threatening phone call or questionable email, call SECO immediately to verify its authenticity. Be very cautious about a person or company asking you to release your financial information by phone or email.”


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