Energy Insider – 1st Quarter 2021

Energy Insider – 1st Quarter 2021

Take "Charge" of your fleet!"


Welcome to the end of Q1 2021! Needless to say, 2020 created some interesting challenges in how we conduct business. Companies found creative ways to cut overhead and do more with less due to the unparalleled consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the Inauguration in January, the direction of the country has drastically changed. The conversations about sustainable energy, in addition to the new and invigorated attention to electric vehicles (EVs), is reaching an all-time high with businesses and individuals alike.


As businesses explore EVs as a possibility for their fleet, some very interesting information has come to light and many businesses are deciding to join the EV movement. With this change, several cost savings come to fruition immediately. As an example, with a fleet of EVs, the extremely costly fleet fueling contracts become nonexistent. If you do not have the fleet fueling contracts, the unproductive man hours associated with sitting at a fuel island waiting to be fueled becomes a thing of the past. The scheduled maintenance of normal combustion engine vehicles ceases to exist, equating to more cost savings in labor, petroleum products, and downtime for the vehicle.


“Range Fear” is always an EV topic of concern for businesses and individuals. However, improvement in technology and batteries make range fear a rapidly diminishing concern. Many EVs can travel 200-300 miles on a single charge, making EVs a much more conducive option for businesses. Many batteries today have a multi-year and up to 100,000-mile warranty, helping to ease the fear of the reliability of electric vehicles.


When we discuss sustainable energy, reducing the carbon footprint is always at the heart of the matter. Many big businesses have pledged to reduce their carbon footprint with some touting to be mostly green energy fueled much sooner than later. Part of their plan is dependent upon EVs. With no tailpipe emissions, an electric vehicle fleet can greatly reduce your business’ carbon footprint.


Tax credits are still available on some makes and models as well. Taking this idea into the total budget discussion, the cost of the initial purchase is lucrative when you consider total cost of the vehicle over the life of the vehicle. Operating electric vehicles can cost three to five times LESS than a conventional internal combustion engine, depending on local fuel cost and electric rates. As a bonus, some manufacturers are giving consumers a level two charger with the purchase of a new EV.


Take “charge” of your fleet, the wave of the future is now. For more information about EVs visit our
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