Energy Insider – 2nd Quarter 2021

Energy Insider – 2nd Quarter 2021


Commercial EV Fleets Plugging In


Ford just recently announced its entry into the EV pickup class with the introduction of the F-150 “Lightning.” The new pickup will make its debut next spring when it begins rolling off the line in Dearborn, Michigan. Similarly, Tesla has begun construction of its Cybertruck facility and startup in Austin, Texas. Rivian began supplying Amazon with EV delivery vans in February of this year. Chevrolet/GMC anticipates entering the truck EV market in 2023 after investing in another battery plant in April.


What do these developments mean to you? If your company’s line of work requires the use of trucks or vans, there are new EV options to consider. Increased savings realized from fuel cost reductions, lower maintenance needs and employee efficiency in everyday activities involving your vehicles make EVs more economically attractive than ever.


EVs have no need for combustion engine maintenance or fluid checks, saving you time and money. Less moving parts means greater reliability in your transportation network. “Fueling” means at the end of the workday your employee simply plugs the vehicle into a charging network and charges overnight (or during off-shift times). Say goodbye to fleet fueling contracts! The transition to more electric vehicles will prompt utilities over time to provide lower energy costs during “off-peak” hours resulting in further savings in the long run for companies that invest in EVs.


The announcement of Ford’s Lightning and the Amazon investment to purchase 100,000 Rivian delivery vans is gaining attention in the marketplace. Imagine not having the need for gas or diesel pumps and issuing fuel cards to your drivers. Additionally, the purchase price of EVs are lining up with traditional fossil-fueled vehicles making them even more attractive. EV warranties are improving each year and range anxiety is becoming a thing of the past with vehicles traveling longer distances between charges because of improvements in battery management systems and technology.


If you are contemplating “electrifying” your fleet, SECO Energy can help. Visit our Electric Vehicles section on our website to find a wealth of information to help you make an informed decision. You can even calculate your potential savings swapping from fossil fuel to electric. If you are interested in exploring a charging network at your location, we can assist with those needs as well. Our team of energy professionals provides customized solutions to meet your charging needs. Whether you want a single charger or are contemplating a multi-charger project, our turn-key solutions make it easy to achieve your goals. Contact your key account consultant for details.




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