Energy Insider – 4th Quarter 2021

Energy Insider – 4th Quarter 2021

We understand that this year has continued to be a challenge for our commercial and industrial members. COVID-19 variants, supply chain and staffing issues likely disrupted your day-to-day business operations, as well as the lives of your families and employees. The future will most likely present additional challenges as we move through this ever-changing world.


SECO Energy 4th Quarter 2021 Insider


As growth continues in SECO Energy’s service territory and the challenges above continue, it is more important than ever to communicate your 2022 growth plans. Whether you are applying for a new service, service upgrade, new production plants, subdivisions, or road extensions, contact your SECO Energy Key Accounts Consultant while still in the planning stage. Our ability to get the right people involved in your project early on is instrumental in meeting your service needs.


All requests for construction service needs should be made well before the service is needed. Depending on the request, below is a list of information that is beneficial for planning:


• Identifying information for the service location (site plan, recorded plat, street address, lot & block number, and legal description).
• Service size (in amps) and voltage required.
• Size of air conditioning, heating, water heating, refrigeration and industrial appliances.
• Types of motor loads including horsepower, voltage, and phases.
• Mechanical and electrical plans (in the case of service upgrades, include existing and new) along with a riser diagram.
• Site plans that include water, sewer, gas and elevations.
• Plans for paving and drainage, if included in the project.
• Easements and/or permits.


Keep in mind, all new services will require a deposit equal to two times the projected monthly bill. Cash, check, surety bond and irrevocable letters of credit are all acceptable forms of deposit.


SECO Energy is committed to providing our members with safe, reliable and cost-effective electric service. Communicating your needs early in the design stage with your Key Accounts Consultant will enable SECO to meet your needs and timeline through the engineering process, material procurement and your project’s construction.



Jeff Light, SECO Energy Key Accounts Consultant


Manager of Key Accounts & Revenue Programs
OFFICE: (352) 569-9787
CELL: (352) 250-2863

Hank Bolduc, SECO Energy Key Accounts Consultant


Key Accounts Consultant
OFFICE: (352) 569-9789
CELL: (352) 303-3546

Ryon Meyers, SECO Energy Key Accounts Consultant


Key Accounts Consultant
OFFICE: (352) 569-9781
CELL: (352) 636-9593

SECO Energy Key Accounts Consultant Dustin Merritt


Key Accounts Consultant
OFFICE: (352) 569-9782
CELL: (352) 303-3183


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