Florida Fauna & Flora – Cottontail Rabbit

Florida Fauna & Flora – Cottontail Rabbit



Cottontail rabbits are small, grayish-brown rabbits with a white puffy tail. These rabbits make their homes just about anywhere in Florida with the exception of dense forests and swampy areas. Cottontails live in small brush that is well camouflaged from predators.


Female cottontails typically birth four to seven baby rabbits (aka kittens) per litter. An average female births four litters in its lifetime. Cottontails are crepuscular, meaning they are mostly active during twilight hours. From dusk to dawn, these rabbits rummage through foliage scouting for food and can be spotted in the early morning hours before settling in for the day.


Children all over the world have been entertained with “tails” about mischievous cottontail rabbits written by Beatrix Potter (Peter Rabbit) and Thornton Burgess (Peter Cottontail). Like Potter’s stories, Burgess’ Peter Cottontail character was originally named Peter Rabbit but temporarily changed his last name to Cottontail, then changed it back to Rabbit. Burgess’ Peter Cottontail character evolved through pop culture and is now associated with the Easter Bunny.


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