Florida Fauna & Flora – Spanish Moss

Florida Fauna & Flora – Spanish Moss



When imagining “the old south,” you may have a mental image of large live oaks elegantly draped with Spanish moss.


Spanish moss, also known as Spanish beard, French hair, Graybeard and tree hair, is not actually part of the moss family. It is a bromeliad that clings to itself and dangles from tree limbs. It does not have roots and prefers warm climates with high humidity for absorption of nutrients from the air.


Spanish moss plays an important role in nature. Birds, insects, bats, frogs, lizards and snakes use Spanish moss to build nests. Trees are not harmed by dangling moss.


You may see Spanish moss hanging from communication and power lines. Small bits are usually harmless and no cause for concern. Large clumps can cause a power outage if moss touches more than one phase. If a large bundle of moss is engulfing poles or lines, send us an email or give us a call.


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