SECO Asks Members to Take Action

SECO Asks Members to Take Action

From time to time, SECO Energy calls on its members to stand with cooperatives for or against energy industry related bills introduced to Congress during the legislative session.


Norma Jean Bottoms, a member residing in Paisley, stood with SECO during a recent Take Action sign up campaign and her name was drawn from all members who had signed up at Norma Jean won a Microsoft Surface Go. Along with Norma Jean, approximately 1,838 of SECO’s 210,000 members have decided to get involved by signing up to Take Action when SECO or our statewide organization may call on them to assist with contacting their legislators on critical issues affecting the energy industry.


Some of the proposed bills may affect infrastructure, sustainability, reliability, and most of all, electricity affordability. Those are just a few reasons why cooperatives may ask their members to make their voices heard by signing up to receive email updates on legislative items affecting the electric utility industry.


By visiting SECO’s Legislative Corner, members can learn more about how they can participate in the democratic process on a state and federal level. Members can contribute by joining the political action committee and enrolling in Co-ops Vote to make their vote count.


SECO encourages its members to sign up to Take Action because our members’ participation and influence play key roles in maintaining affordable, reliable energy.


Visit SECO>Your Co-op>Community to learn more about the not-for-profit electric cooperative’s community involvement. “Like” SECO Energy on Facebook and “follow” @SECOEnergy on Twitter for news releases and cooperative updates.

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