SECO Energy District 7 Members Re-elect Trustee Joseph Kusiak

SECO Energy District 7 Members Re-elect Trustee Joseph Kusiak

SECO Energy members who reside in District 7 re-elected incumbent Trustee Joseph Kusiak. The meeting was held in the District on Thursday, January 28, at the Rainbow Lakes Estates Community Center for the purpose of electing a Trustee to represent District 7 on SECO’s Board of Trustees.


SECO Energy is a not-for-profit electric cooperative, operated for and owned by its members. SECO’s service area is geographically divided into nine Districts. One Trustee is elected from each of the nine Districts to represent their fellow members on SECO’s nine-member Board of Trustees. Collectively, the Board represents the SECO membership, meeting monthly to monitor the financial status of the cooperative while providing fiduciary oversight and participating in policy decisions that serve the best interests of the membership at large.


Trustee Kusiak submitted his letter of intent to run for Trustee in December and ran unopposed. Even though Mr. Kusiak was unopposed, SECO’s Bylaws require that the cooperative hold a District Meeting. Subsequently, Florida Statute requires SECO to hold in-person elections as the cooperative continues to hold District Meetings as a means of electing Trustees. A drive-thru voting option was available for members to practice social distancing and to reduce the size of the indoor meeting.


A SECO member since 2002 who resides in Dunnellon, Mr. Kusiak was first elected to the Board at a special election in 2018. Trustee Kusiak has engaged in Board education certifications from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA). He has completed the Credentialed Director Certification, the Board Leadership Certification and the Director Gold Program Certification. Mr. Kusiak also serves as a SECO representative on the Florida Electric Cooperatives Association board.


Trustee Kusiak is excited to continue his SECO Board service. Kusiak stated, “Thank you, District 7 members, for re-electing me to the SECO Energy Board. It is an honor to serve as your representative. I look forward to working with my Board peers to ensure SECO’s success for the future.”


Board president Richard Dennison stated, “Congratulations, Mr. Kusiak, on your re-election as District 7 Trustee. On behalf of my fellow Board officers and peers, we look forward to continue working with you.”


Jim Duncan CEO stated, “Mr. Kusiak, I appreciate your willingness to serve as District 7 Trustee. I applaud your dedication to your neighboring members and to the success of SECO Energy.”


View our Board of Trustees page for a brief bio of SECO Energy’s Board of Trustees and a District boundaries map. “Like” SECO’s Facebook page and “follow” @SECOEnergy on Twitter for news releases and cooperative updates.

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