SECO Energy Tracking Hurricane Season Activity

SECO Energy Tracking Hurricane Season Activity

SECO Energy is tracking tropical storm activity early in the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season. The remnants of the Pacific Tropical Storm Agatha reorganized in the Gulf of Mexico and the system is now referred to as Invest 91L which is currently a low-pressure system and is forecast to make landfall in Florida.


Currently, the tropical system remains highly disorganized and is located near the Yucatan Peninsula. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) forecast puts the storm near Florida’s west coast late Friday into Saturday. The spaghetti models are in close agreement that eventual landfall will be south of Bradenton.


SECO Energy’s service territory is on the outer edge of the projected rain and wind fields. Members will experience widespread rains and gusty winds in south Sumter and Lake Counties and in parts of Citrus County. There is already standing water in some areas and additional rain and high winds can cause downed trees and power outages for members.


CEO Curtis Wynn assured members that SECO Energy is StormReady. Wynn stated, “SECO Energy is tracking Invest 91L and the possible weather effects that this tropical system will bring to SECO’s service area. SECO is StormReady and prepared to respond to outages caused by 91L. I am asking members to prepare for not only Invest 91L but to proactively prepare for the possibility of tropical storms and hurricanes throughout the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season.”


StormCenter is SECO Energy’s outage and communications platform for members to report outages, check the status of an existing outage and enroll in outage communications and alerts via email, text, voice or all three. Visit StormCenter today and bookmark on your smartphone or tablet to report outages quickly and easily.


Major weather events can cause extended power outages. SECO Energy reminds members to follow safety protocols when using a generator during a power outage. Generators emit deadly carbon monoxide (CO) that is odorless and colorless. Thousands of people die each year from CO poisoning. Never operate a generator in an enclosed space including a garage. Always place the generator at least 15 to 20 feet away from your home and never in proximity to open windows.


Before operating a generator, thoroughly read and review the owner’s manual. Never plug a generator directly into an electrical outlet. This current flow is deadly for utility personnel. Keep children away from an operating generator and store fuel in approved containers. Do not smoke while fueling a generator. Always operate a generator in a dry space. If it is raining, use a canopy or cover. SECO Energy’s Hurricane Handbook includes generator safety tips and preparation for before, during and after a storm.


“Like” SECO Energy on Facebook and follow @SECOEnergy on Twitter for prize drawings, news releases, and severe weather alerts affecting SECO Energy’s service territory. Manage your outage notification preferences at StormCenter. To see when SECO Energy crews/contractors are working in your area, visit our new System Improvement Map. To learn more about SECO Energy as a not-for-profit cooperative, visit About SECO Energy.


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