SECO Members Hit by Bill Scam

SECO Members Hit by Bill Scam

SECO Energy is warning all members that another scam involving utility bills is in the works. SECO members have reported receiving calls or emails from an unknown company claiming that a new company is now their energy provider.


These unknown companies are offering members “clean energy” and requesting that payments be directed to them instead of SECO. Unfortunately, members realize that there is a problem when they receive a notice from SECO that their electric bill is unpaid.


Scam Alert


Be aware that any company claiming to be a new electric service provider instead of SECO is a scam. Please share this important information with friends and neighbors. Scammers may be trying to dupe consumers from other utility companies as well.


If you have questions about utility scams or have received a call or email that you believe is a scam, please contact us at 352-793-3801 or email


Members can read SECO’s article “Liars, Scammers and Thieves-Oh My” in the December 2015 SECO news.


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