SECO News, April 2016

SECO News, April 2016

SECO News, Duncan's Digest, February 2016


As you opened your March billing statement, I hope you were pleasantly surprised to see that SECO Energy’s “Hot Bucks” are hotter than ever. In fact, as of March 1st, residential members are now paying $114.60 based on 1,000 kWh, which is average usage for residential members in our area.


Over the past 27 months, SECO Energy has lowered the cost of electricity seven times; this latest reduction equates to a 10.3% decrease over this time frame. The reduction appears as a credit on your bill under the line item “Hot Bucks.” The term refers to the Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) portion of your bill.

SECO “Hot Bucks” are Hotter than Ever


We work closely with our wholesale power provider, Seminole Electric, to ensure that we offer members the lowest rate possible and still eke out a small margin (required of us as a not-for-profit electric cooperative).


When the wholesale price goes down, usually due to reduced fuel costs, SECO Energy lowers the PCA factor and members see their bills decrease.


As a not-for-profit electric cooperative, when wholesale power costs are lower, SECO Energy shares the savings with members. Lowering the cost of power is a joint effort between SECO Energy’s Board of Trustees, our employees and our wholesale power provider, Seminole Electric Cooperative. Controlling costs is essential for members and the communities we serve. I know how carefully many of you track your expenditures. I want to assure you that our company’s management team and employees work diligently to keep costs down and control expenses to match your effort.


I think it’s safe to say that SECO Energy is one of the most affordable, reliable electric utilities in Central Florida. Hands down, we offer the best customer service. I know this because in 2015, SECO Energy was ranked by J.D. Power as highest in customer satisfaction among midsize utilities in the south. I believe our continued commitment to offer members low electric rates, outstanding reliability and strong community support are just a few of the reasons why members are satisfied with the service they receive from their cooperative.


To read more about our commitment to members and our communities, visit Next month, look for a snapshot overview of our 2016 Annual Meeting of the Membership or watch the video on our website, Facebook or YouTube channel.



Register for Smarthub and win an iPad Mini


Win an iPad mini!


Click on “My Account” to sign up for SmartHub®. All SECO Energy members who register online with SmartHub by May 15 will be entered in a drawing to win an iPad mini!


Using a computer, tablet or smartphone, members can access and manage their SECO account(s) via SmartHub. Seasonal members can use SmartHub to change their mailing address and also gain instant access to current and previous bills. SmartHub allows members to track their energy use and is helpful for members on a budget.


Access these convenient features:


  • Access current bills – no need to wait for USPS
  • View and pay your bill online via debit or credit card
  • Subscribe to receive text or email alerts
  • Sign up for automatic bank draft or MyWay Prepay
  • Update mailing address and phone number
  • Access billing history and view previous bills
  • Compare yearly or monthly energy usage
  • View social media news feeds
  • Plot high, low and average temperatures against energy use
  • Record energy-saving events (appliance purchases, filter changes)


Give SmartHub a try.


Contact us at (352) 793-3801 or email for help with registering or with questions. Don’t forget, register by May 15 for a chance to win! Members currently using SmartHub are automatically entered.


Get the app for your mobile device – search for “SmartHub” in the App Store for iOS in the Google Play™ store for Android™.


Want a quick and easy way to reduce energy consumption? Change your HVAC filter regularly. Routinely changing your HVAC filter improves your home’s air quality and reduces energy costs. Also, remember to change the filter on your refrigerator. Clean refrigerator filters provide cleaner water and ice, which can
reduce spending on bottled water.


Start saving energy & lowering costs today by visiting or call (888) 939-9788. SECO members can purchase discounted HVAC and refrigerator filters and set up filter change email reminders. Members receive free shipping and returns.


Learn more about the filter change program and additional ways to save energy. Proceeds from the filter change program benefit SECO’s Pennies from Heaven program.



Car on guy wire

Vehicle accidents are scary, especially if the accident involves power lines or poles.


Remember these 5 steps to help you stay safe.


  1. Stay in your car − only exit the car if it is on fire
  2. Remain calm
  3. Call 911 immediately.  Tell the operator that a power line or pole is down
  4. Warn bystanders to stay away
  5. Warn first responders the line could be energized


Broken power lines can still be energized; touching these can be fatal. Please share this information with family and friends. It could save a life.


Read the full April 2016 SECO News here.


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