SECO News, April 2018

SECO News, April 2018

Duncan’s Digest

2017 Annual Report

Dear SECO Energy Members,

In this edition of Duncan’s Digest, I want to bring your attention to our newly released 2017 Annual Report which details the cooperative’s strong fiscal performance. Members who attended our March 24 Annual Meeting received a hard copy. It’s also available at>Newsroom>Annual Report. Read it and then click over to Facebook to play Annual Report Trivia for a chance to win a $300 bill credit.


Duncan's Digest 2017 Annual Report


Find the answers to the trivia questions in the pages of the Annual Report related to our cooperative’s history, ASCI score, J.D. Power awards, the Board of Trustees and our robust financial performance. The trivia contest runs from March 26 through May 6.


Annual Report 2017 Trivia QuestionsTo give you a head start, the excerpt below also appears on page 1 of the Annual Report. The first clue appears in the first paragraph. Answers to the other questions appear in other Annual Report pages.   


SECO Energy’s beginning was humble.  Prior to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1935 Rural Electric Act, also known as the REA, a home powered by electricity in rural Central Florida was only a dream. With low-interest loans from the REA, local farmers and ranchers formed Sumter Electric Cooperative, Inc. in 1938. A small group of original SECO employees started the utility from scratch, installing poles and stringing miles of electric line. On November 12, 1938, SECO turned on the lights to 400 rural homesteads in our service area. Before the close of 1938, additional homes in nearby areas were electrified. For these rural Floridians, quality of life changed dramatically.


Over the last 80 years, SECO has grown alongside the communities it serves. We’ve morphed from a small, rural utility to one of the fastest-growing cooperatives in the nation. SECO achieved a significant milestone in late 2017 when the cooperative energized its 200,000th meter. Today, SECO Energy is “200,000 Strong – 80 Years in the Making.”


Members without internet access can request a copy of the Annual Report and trivia questions mailed to you. Return the answers to SECO by May 6 for entry in the $300 bill credit drawing.


It is our privilege to serve as your energy provider. Thank you for your membership.



Jim Duncan, SECO Energy's Chief Executive Officer



HVAC Tune-up TimeHVAC Tune-up Time


HVAC EFFICIENCY INCREASES with a clean filter and annual service by a qualified technician. Your unit will operate more effectively and thus reduce your electric usage.   If your technician suggests you need a new unit, you are welcome to contact SECO for a free second opinion before committing to the purchase.


One of our certified Energy Services Specialists will visit your home to inspect your unit and provide a written assessment. Schedule an appointment today by visiting>Contact Us. Select “Request Energy Audit” and submit your contact information. We’ll be in touch within just a few days.



Size Matters - Selecting a Generator

Safety Corner

Size Matters—Selecting a Generator


Thinking about installing a generator before Hurricane Season? Follow these important safety warnings:


  1. A qualified electrical contractor must perform the installation of an emergency generator, disconnect
    and transfer switchgear. This is not a DIY job.
  2. Only an electrician is qualified to connect a generator to an electrical panel. You could be electrocuted and also endanger our field employees.
  3. Always follow local, state and national fire and electric codes. Permits are required.
  4. Once installed, always disconnect from your metered electric utility service before starting your backup generator. 951701
  5. Never run an electric generator inside a building – even in a garage. It is a hazard and violates safety codes.
  6. Store gasoline and diesel in approved containers out of the reach of children. Never fuel the generator while it is running.
  7. Extinguish all flames and cigarettes when handling fuel.
  8. Ensure proper ventilation and airflow around the generator.
  9. Stage a fully charged, approved fire extinguisher near the generator.
  10. Use extension cords free of exposed wires and frayed shielding.
  11. Never remove or tamper with a generator’s safety devices.
  12. Do not attempt to repair a generator. A qualified technician should perform repairs and service as needed.
  13. Generator engine parts are very hot during operation. Severe burns may result. Keep children away at all times.
  14. Generators are sold by power output measured in watts. Before purchasing, discuss your home’s size/watt needs with a knowledgeable retailer.


Hurricane Season begins on June 1. Get ready today!


Read the full April SECO News online.

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