SECO Shines at Leesburg Rotary

SECO Shines at Leesburg Rotary

On Wednesday, August 24, SECO Energy Key Accounts Consultant Hank Bolduc helped shine a light on solar power at the Leesburg Rotary Club meeting.


SECO Energy’s “Introduction to Photovoltaic Systems” presentation is an in-depth exploration of solar photovoltaic systems and how they work. Hank explained the process in which solar photovoltaic systems take available sunlight and convert it to energy, which is then used to power appliances and electronics in a home or business.


Before investing in a solar photovoltaic system, consider the initial investment needed for installation and the expense of maintaining and cleaning the system. Check the zoning ordinances and homeowners’ association rules – some do not allow visible solar systems on homes. Also consider the age of your roof – don’t put solar panels on a roof that will need to be replaced during the life of the panels. A photovoltaic system can only create energy when the sun is shining, before installation – remove trees or other obstructions that shade the panels.


Hank offered this advice to the Rotarians about solar installations, “Do your homework. As you would with any home improvement project, hire a reputable contractor – one that offers referrals from satisfied customers. Work with your contractor to determine how much you want to spend initially and how much you could potentially reduce your utility-supplied power.”


SECO Energy Shines at Leesburg Rotary


“The solar industry will continue to grow and as a not-for-profit electric cooperative, SECO is here to support members who choose to invest in a solar photovoltaic system,” Hank added.


In fact, The Florida Office on Economic and Demographic Research reports that SECO has the highest number of solar interconnections of any electric cooperative or municipal utility in Florida with 440 installations. For members who are considering solar, SECO’s experienced Energy Services Specialists can assist with determining a home’s conduciveness to solar using a device called a solar Pathfinder.


Try out our solar-estimator to determine how much a home could reduce its utility-supplied power by investing in a rooftop solar photovoltaic system. To learn more about the Leesburg Rotary Club, visit “Like” SECO Energy’s Facebook page and “follow” the company on Twitter for cooperative updates and the latest news releases.

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