SECO Team Raises $22,000 for Relay For Life

SECO Team Raises $22,000 for Relay For Life

SECO Energy’s Relay For Life Team raised $22,000 to advance the fight against cancer at Sumter County’s Relay For Life Event at the Sumter County Fairgrounds on Saturday, April 8. SECO Energy is a Silver Sponsor of the event and became the top fundraising business in Sumter County.


The SECO Team joined hundreds of volunteers at the Relay For Life walk. The purpose of the Relay For Life event is to remember those who have lost their fight against cancer, honor cancer survivors, and raise money to help the American Cancer Society make a global impact on cancer. Relay team members take turns walking during the 6 to 24-hour-event to symbolize a cancer patient’s non-stop fight. At the Relay, two members of the SECO Team were honored as cancer survivors to take part in a special lap.


This year, the SECO Team’s slogan was “Taking Aim at a Cure” and visitors to the site were treated to an old-fashioned patriotic country-fair experience. The team sold hamburgers, cotton candy, snow cones and drinks. The SECO Team sold chances to win a YETI® Tundra, donated by SECO Energy.


Toward the end of the night, the lights turn off for a very special lap, the Luminaria lap. The Luminaria lap is a quiet, solemn lap lit by hundreds of Luminaria bags, dedicated to honor or remember loved ones who fought or are fighting cancer. SECO purchased 21 Luminaria bags for its employees to personalize and remember their family and friends.


SECO Energy Team Raises $22,000 for Relay For Life


SECO’s Relay for Life Co-Captain, Meagan Thurston, who is also a SECO Human Resources Generalist, stated, “SECO has supported Relay for Life for 15 years and has raised over $95,000 for the American Cancer Society. This year, we are proud to reach the Sapphire fundraising level for the first time. It’s refreshing to be part of an organization that puts our community first. Thank you SECO for continuing to support the Relay For Life event year after year.”


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2 thoughts on “SECO Team Raises $22,000 for Relay For Life

  1. Jeanie - April 13, 2017 at 2:38 pm

    It would be nice if more pictures here to see., Like Survivors that arnt Seco team or employees, but have survived cancer and also are a Seco customers. I do appreciate all you did. And good job raising $22,000.
    I do feel that not as many people came as last year and year before. Not at the luncheon for sure., I don’t feel enough advertisement was out there, and many I talked to felt the same., I couldn’t take and a few others I talked to either, the loud stage talking and music, It was over board, you couldn’t talk to others or hear anything else because it was so LOUD., and hurt your ears, and you didn’t even want to be near the stage. Many older people I talked to left because of same reason. Some might not of made it because they didn’t know the date and time changed., I enjoyed the lunch, and grateful it was held., This is comment for the future., If held outside again, the loudness needs to be toned down., I feel this seemed more generated for younger people, kids, then really survivors, ill people, or any older folk, that is my honest opinion. I’m sure there were people who came later, who didn’t know or had Saturday commitments., with there kids/sports or?, during the day that couldn’t come until that was over with,. If not so far from me, I would of liked to have seen and participated in the lumination ceremony, it is very nice, but it was to far and more gas to go back at 9,pm So unfortunately that is draw back of the day time event, versa nite time event for some,. It is a nice thing to see. sorry I had to miss it., I do appreciate all you do, and Thank you., Other wise it was Great. bless you


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