SECO Tracking Hurricane Irma as Governor Declares State of Emergency

SECO Tracking Hurricane Irma as Governor Declares State of Emergency

SECO Energy is tracking Hurricane Irma and the impact the storm will bring to Central Florida. The peak of Atlantic hurricane season is here, and Irma is a strong storm that may target Florida later this week.


As of Tuesday morning, Hurricane Irma is a Category 5 hurricane and is located approximately 1,000 miles west-southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands. Thunderstorms associated with Irma are becoming more organized and conditions are conducive for Irma to continue develop and the intensity of the storm to increase. Hurricane Irma is moving west-northwest, and the storm is on track to affect south Florida as early as Saturday.


Governor Rick Scott has proactively declared a state of emergency for all Florida counties. The governor’s actions allow local governments ample time to gather resources well in advance of potential landfall. Currently, Irma is still too far away to determine its exact path, but SECO hopes the governor’s declaration spurs Floridians to prepare early and also allows comprehensive movement of utility crews, equipment and supplies within the state.


SECO employees are Storm Ready and waiting to respond if outages occur from Hurricane Irma. SECO is prepared for the possibility of inclement weather and would like to remind members that it is best to be informed and prepared. When storms threaten, supplies sell out quickly, now is the time to gather your emergency supplies and be ready to hunker down if Irma strikes Florida.


The National Weather Service recommends each household have enough food and water for each person in the house for one week. Stock your first aid kit, and include a 30-day supply of prescription medicines. Make sure your flashlights and weather radio are in good working order, with plenty of extra batteries. Fill your car with gas, and have cash on hand, gas pumps, ATMs and credit cards won’t work during power outages.


If you have a portable or backup generator, now is the time to test that it is running properly and you have an adequate supply of fuel on hand. Members can visit SECO’s website for storm preparation tips and view an emergency checklist. For members with smartphones or tablets, go online and bookmark SECO’s Storm Center for easy outage reporting and updates.


As a not-for-profit electric cooperative, SECO is dedicated to being our members’ first source for accurate storm information. “Like” SECO’s Facebook page and “follow” the company on Twitter to stay updated about storms affecting our area.

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