SECO Warns Pokémon Go Users to Play Safe

SECO Warns Pokémon Go Users to Play Safe

SECO Energy, is reminding Pokémon Go users to stay away from overhead power lines, transformers and substations. When collecting Pokémons in the popular virtual reality game, electrical safety rules still apply.


Users playing Pokémon Go, collect Pokémons in various public locations. Players use their phones to hunt for virtual Pokémons in the real world and then train, battle and capture other Pokémons.


Use caution when playing the game and don’t allow yourself to be drawn into a dangerous situation. Always assume any electric line is energized, Pokémons can appear anywhere, and some “electric” type characters may appear near electric equipment.


SECO Warns Pokémon Go Users to Play Safe


Important safety tips:

  • Stay away from all electric utility equipment, including lines, transformers, work sites and substations
  • Do not climb power poles
  • Report any downed power lines immediately and stay away
  • Do not allow children to play near lines, including climbing trees or flying kites near overhead power lines


A special warning is issued to parents, children playing the game may not be aware of the dangers of electricity. When playing Pokémon Go, or playing in general, urge children to never play near electric equipment.


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