Sunshine State Stats October 2019

Sunshine State Stats October 2019

October 2019’s monthly average temperature was a warm 79 degrees – which was 2 degrees warmer than last October’s average temperature of 77 degrees. The highest daily recorded temperature was 92 degrees and the lowest daily recorded temperature was 65 degrees.


Sunshine State Stats October 2019


Central Floridian’s felt the effects of Tropical Storm Nestor in the middle of the month with increased rainfall. In October 2019, rainfall came in at 4.73 inches – up from 1.81 inches last October.


October 2019’s average high temperature was 87 degrees which matches the average high temperature for October 2018. The average low temperature was 71 degrees, which was 3 degrees higher than the average low of 68 degrees in October 2018.


Based on the warmer average temps and higher than projected kilowatt hour sales, many members received an electric bill for October usage that is higher than the bill received for usage in October 2018.


November 2019 forecast:


November 2019 is forecast for an average high of 78 degrees which is the same as the average high temperature in November 2018. The best chance for rain is at the beginning of the month and the forecast looks to be drier in November 2019 compared to November 2018.


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