Let a qualified Energy Services Specialist assess your home or business to identify energy wasters. SECO offers this service to members at no charge whatsoever! We’ll inspect your windows, doors, appliances, heating and cooling unit and more—all to help pinpoint where your energy dollars are wasted. We use a variety of resources, such as infrared cameras and historical usage comparisons to determine the best way for you to save energy dollars. A report detailing the findings is provided to you after the assessment.


This service is another benefit of SECO Energy membership, and it’s absolutely free. Schedule a time that’s convenient for you today. Want to get a step ahead or don’t have time to wait for an in-home audit? For a deeper dive identifying energy-saving changes to implement in your home, take our Home Energy Assessment and within minutes you’ll receive money-saving advice tailored to your home.  If you prefer to “see the math” behind the amount and cost of energy that your home’s appliances and devices use, complete our Energy Estimator.