Underground Service Equipment

Newer developments typically have underground electric service coming from a green transformer box. Members may think this box is unattractive and will want to put up a fence or plant bushes in front of the box to disguise it. Please follow the safety rules below before installing a fence or planting bushes near an underground transformer box.


  • Do not place a fence or bushes within 3 feet of the rear sides of the transformer
  • Keep fences and plants at least 10 feet away from the front of the transformer where the lock is located.


Fences and plants too close to underground transformer boxes are a safety hazard to SECO employees and create longer restoration times.  SECO employees and contractors regularly inspect facilities and will leave a door hanger or contact you by phone if you have landscaping that impedes access.  You will be asked to remove the obstructing landscaping.

SECO Energy Landscaping Safely