SECO Energy Trustee Richard Belles Resigns

SECO Energy Trustee Richard Belles Resigns

SECO Energy announced today that District 3 Trustee Richard Belles has resigned from the Board of Trustees. Belles was elected initially in 2013 and has been a SECO Energy member since 2001.


Per the SECO Energy Bylaws, the cooperative will hold a special District 3 Meeting in the near future to elect a new Trustee. District 3 members will be invited to the special meeting and provided with instructions about Trustee candidacy and the election via a District Notice letter.


SECO Energy is the third largest cooperative in the state and the seventh largest in the nation. At the end of 2018, the not-for-profit cooperative was delivering power to 205,887 service locations.


The reliability of SECO’s $878.7 million electric system remains stellar. In 2018, the cooperative invested $3.3 million per month to extend facilities to new members and improve reliability to existing members. The cooperative’s 2018 ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) score rose to 89.

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