Storm Preparation & Generator Safety

Storm Preparation & Generator Safety

Portable Generators:


During storm and hurricane season, a portable generator can come in handy if your power is interrupted, but portable generators must always be used with safety in mind.  Read and follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions contained in the generator operations manual.


According to the National Safety Council,, generators should NEVER be used in an enclosed space – always run the generator outdoors away from windows, vents and doors.  Portable generator engines emit carbon monoxide (CO) that if inhaled can be fatal to humans and pets.  CO is a colorless, odorless, invisible killer.  Do not attempt to use a generator when it is wet, as this poses a risk for electrocution and death.


Permanent Generators:


Are you thinking of installing a generator at your home or business for use during power interruptions?  If so, heed these tips before purchasing and installing:


  1. Installing a generator is not an average do-it-yourself project.
  2. A qualified electrical contractor must perform the installation of the emergency generator, as well as the disconnect and transfer switchgear.
  3. Do not attempt to connect the generator directly to your electric panel.
  4. Always properly disconnect from SECO’s service before starting your generator.
  5. Before use, read and follow the safety instructions contained in the generator operations manual.


Improperly installing or using a generator can lead to property damage, injuries or even death.  Visit our section on generator safety to learn more.

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