What is membership and what are the different types?

Cooperatives are owned by the members who use its services. When you apply for service with SECO Energy, you become a member-owner. SECO is a not-for-profit electric cooperative, as such, we generally have an excess of revenues over expenses. This excess, called Capital Credits, is allocated annually to members based on their energy purchases during the year. For more information see Capital Credits.


Individual Membership: Permission to start or disconnect service, billing and charges inquiries and online account access is available to the individual member of record only. However, you can add an account manager (for example: Spouse). See the question below referencing “add an additional contact.” This membership type accrues allocated Capital Credits in the individual member’s name on all of his/her SECO accounts.


Joint-Membership: Permission to start or disconnect service (requires full authentication for both members), billing and charges inquiries and online account access is granted to both members of record who must be spouses. For this membership type, spouses jointly accrue allocated Capital Credits on their joint membership (on all SECO accounts in both names).  Please note: With a joint membership, the heir (spouse) receiving all applicable Capital Credits at a discounted lump sum is not an option.

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